I reached out to Adaora Mbelu to speak on a panel at a symposium on Global Competencies needed by students to be prepared for the challenges of the 21st Century. At this event hosted by the American International School of Lagos, Adaora served to provide a unique perspective as she spoke on how we best prepare students for a future that’s unknowable, what a 21st century definition of success is, and making an impact with whatever endeavour anyone chooses to pursue. She speaks with authenticity and clarity, and her dynamic personal and professional experience enables her to connect with her audience, irrespective of age, nationality, and professional experience. Impact, connection, relatability, and authenticity, is what comes across when Adaora speaks or delivers a presentation of any kind.

Karishma Chugani

Director, Alumni Relations & Communications American International School of Lagos

I’ve known Adaora for about 3 years now, and meeting her has been one of the best things that has happened to me personally, and professionally. She is a master in the art of helping you identify your vision, and corporate identity as well as building a personal and business brand. She is an absolute breath of fresh air in this part of the world, and I would gladly recommend her to individuals and corporate organizations wishing to make global impact. Adaora is such a fantastic storyteller, articulate in her delivery and precise. She gets you to a place where you want to be more and do more.

Kunmi Ariyo

I’ve changed. I’m a new person now. My friends say it, my family says it too. I have more understanding of who I am now. It’s like, through her, I see myself more clearly. I see what I’m supposed to be doing, where I’m to go Just by existing close to her. I am bolder, I am more loving, I’ve changed all the crappy narratives I sell to myself, and I see myself clearer.

Teni Shyllon

OH MY GOD! I joke and call her THE TABLE SHAKER to my tribers!! And apparently, I happen to be on the every table she shakes, scatters and dismantles. That’s saying something right! lol. It’s been quite a ride at the BootCamp. I have been exposed to how Coach Lumina thinks, acts and deconstructs, to an extent. I have never been pushed to think and act fast like this in my life. My paradigm has shifted over the last few days. All this has shown that, for me fulfill and truly be a LIGHT that spreads the light to others; I have to put in the work, never lose sight of the vision, plus I can’t do everything by myself. The power of community is outstanding! I believe I still have A LOT to learn from Coach.


You are really inspiring and I would really like to grow up to do something close to what you have done just once, to try and help people with their problems and just give gifts. Hearing people do such things and thinking about myself aiming to try new things that could help others makes me feel very excited and proud to be a part of this growth.

Vaish, Grade 7

For a long time I’ve wanted to do something for the world, for the better. When I think about what I want to major in, I think to myself “ i have no idea, I only enjoy services. I know that I want to do something that will have an effect to different people” The opportunities that we are getting, like meeting such amazing people when we are so young, shows me that I can do it. The founders of Socially Africa have proven to me that you can have a day job, and also have a dream. Projects, creations, ideas, all of which have done something and have impacted people.

Nour, Grade 7