Re Purpose - A 12 Day Transformation Journey

We live in a world where every day you’re hit with multiple things fighting for your attention. From work, to relationships, to finances, health, faith, and even learning. There’s so much going on at the same time.

It can get really overwhelming and before you know it, you start to break down. Your energy is fast depleting, and you can’t even shut it all off because a lot depends on you staying up. You feel like life is out of your control, and then boom! burnout.

What if I told you that you can do great, impactful work without burning out ? that you can live a purpose driven life across the various pillars that you’ve chosen to build on ?

Join me on this 12 day transformational journey where I’ll show you how to take back control of your life! All I need is 15 minutes of your time every day for 12 days. Sign up NOW! for N 10,000 only. That’s less than $25 for an opportunity to turn your life around. Let’s do this!


To be present in the NOW

How to set boundaries

Problem solving techniques

Reframing your thoughts

Dealing with pain

Food Energy

Building Self Motivation

How to Kick Negative Thoughts Out

The Power of Manifestation

Making your Intuition work for you

The power of Affirmations



₦ 100,000

₦ 10,000