10 Personal Branding

In 2020, personal branding has become an important part of positioning for anything.
In this class, I share some of the personal branding mistakes that you may be making, and how to fix them.

Steps to becoming a better public speaker

Communication is an art.
Public speaking is an art too. In this class, I share some steps to becoming a better public speaker, so you can go on to tell your story and make amazing impact in the world.

Tips to Help You Plan Your Speaking Engagement

If you’re trying to speak more professionally, it’s important to plan out your speaking engagement, to allow you focus on effective delivery. In this class, I share tips to help you plan your speaking engagement.

Handling Your Speaker Bookings

Whether you’re a professional speaker or speaking is a side gig for you, I believe in structuring your booking process such that you can focus on the actual delivery, and impact that you’re trying to make. Learn about this now.


One on One Coaching

Is there something that isn’t allowing you to be the best version of yourself? Do you need clarity on a particular matter? Adaora is available for one on one consultations that are guaranteed to leave you with a solution, and/or better headspace to be able to power through your challenge. Each consultation lasts 90 minutes, and you have the option to book multiple sessions should it be required.

Switch On Bootcamp

SwitchOnBootcamp is a 3 weeks accountability program designed to teach you productivity and keep you accountable to your professional, or personal goals. Our goal is to trigger your mind and heart to be able to take action on your ideas, projects, platforms, products. Whatever it is that you’ve been nursing for a while. This Bootcamp will trigger you to bring it to life! There are a few of these sessions throughout the year, click to find out when the next session is.